Zero queue POS. Eliminate counters with Invypro-powered POS systems.

No matter of your business size, Invypro-powered smart shopping POS frees up the customer queue even during your shop's busy hours. 

Smart shopping experience

Invypro's smart POS keeps noting what's in the customer's cart.

Instant customer exits without queues

Faster customer exits* after cart while Invypro updates your sales. 
*subject to payment time.


Voice-activated retails

Command and work with voice in your language*. 
* support languages only.

Voice AI for commands

Invy, the virtual assistant, picks up your voice commands and does the stuff, saving time and energy.

Voice enabled POS

Customers inquire about product information and availability in the Invy-powered interface.


Accurate and automatic demand sensing with ML.

Invypro's interfaced AI and ML learn your business, forecast consumer demands, and ensure your inventory stocks.

Automate inventory checks to pre-order

Invypro integration with flying drone interfaces, together with AI & ML, ensures the stocks and pre-orders of your inventory.

Data accuracy to fulfill consumer demands

Invypro's intelligence demand sensing ensures the availability of inventory stocks and consumer demand accessibility.

Modernize retail experience and save with the next-gen AI-driven platform

Invypro covers your daily supply chain operations and POS with next-generation features for your digital business transformation and elevates consumer experience.

AI-based inventory management

Manage your inventory effortlessly across multiple stores and warehouses with our centralized solution. Keep track of stock levels, restock items, and transfer products between locations with ease. Take control, secure your inventory & optimize your operations with minimal costs.

AI-based demand forecasting

AI integrated historical data to predict the future demands, optimization of stock levels and prevention of overstocking and stock outs.

Real-time inventory visibility

Get real time updates of the inventory levels, movements and locations throughout the whole supply chain, for making accurate and timely decisions.  

Accurate product tracking

Easily generate and use batch barcodes for faster, accurate and automated tracking of the inventory, leading to improved traceability and error reduction.

AI order fulfillment & allocation

Efficient allocation of inventory to customers’ orders based on the priority as well as optimizes the order fulfillment procedures for customer satisfaction.

Intelligent cloud apps for back office, store & warehouse personas

Provide a tailored experience for your users with our separate web apps. Easily customize each app's integrations & functions to suit different users. Enhance engagement & satisfaction by offering personalized solutions.

User role management

Implement role-based access control for data security and define user permissions based on roles to restrict access to sensitive data.

Real-time analysis & reporting

Get real-time based insights of your supply chain performance using customized dashboards, and empower data-driven decision making.

AI supported risk management

Mitigate and identify supply chain risk using proactive monitoring procedures and alert users of potential disruptions.

Same app across devices 

Cross-platform universal apps on-the-go with the same experience, leading to less learning curve, faster decision-making and response to supply chain events.

Smart POS with AI and offline billing 

Experience smooth billing while you are offline with our POS-supported solution. Process transactions, generate offline invoices & manage customer information effortlessly. Stay free from connectivity issues that disrupt your operations.

Offline invoices & payments

Perform seamless transactions without an internet connection and ensure uninterrupted POS operations in areas with intermittent connectivity.

Reduced risk of lost data

Store and synchronize data-related transactions locally on the POS system for faster access and processing along with the central system.

Complex discounts and promotions

Get flexible configuration of complex promotions, discounts, and pricing strategies, thereby enhancing customer engagement and loyalty with personalized promotions. 

Regulatory standards compliance

Adhere to international and local regulatory standards of POS transactions along with mitigating compliance and legal risks related to billing and payment procedures. 

AI-powered insights and reports

Get insights using our AI-powered dashboards and reports. Tailor the display to suit your specific needs & easily analyze data. Empower users with data-driven decisions by employing our platform.

AI-powered trend analysis

Get insights into your supply chain and business performance using AI-powered dashboards, and empower data-driven decision-making.

Auto-scheduled reports & alerts

Allow users to schedule regular reports and automated delivery to stakeholders, along with alerting users regarding specific conditions or thresholds met.

User-specific reports

Allow different users like warehouse managers, executives, accounts, and procurement teams to have personalized dashboards related to specific metrics and data.

Interactive data visualization

Utilize interactive graphs, charts and maps to visually represent complex supply chain data, thereby allowing users to drill down to specific data points. 


Modern solutions for next-gen business growth.
Super Markets

Invypro powers super markets to achieve operational excellence and drive customer satisfaction.

Chain Stores

Invypro helps chain stores scale their operations and maximize profitability across their distributed business locations.


Invypro empowers franchises to standardize their operations and ensure consistent brand quality.

Dealers & Distributors

Invypro enables dealers and distributors to deliver superior customer service and improve profitability.

Your highly trusted supply chain platform

With its highly rated features, Invypro is the preferred platform for unlocking your business's potential.


Business satisfaction achieved


Score in reviews out of 5


Years of experience built-in


Growing satisfied users across borders


Growing transactions every day


Growing businesses


Growing user base every month

Easy digital transformation with Invypro


Consult with our IT experts

Invypro consultants will help you to implement the systems aligned with your organization to propel with the digital transformation needs. 


Get started with few outlets

Choose the startup or growth plan and implement Invypro with a section of your outlets. Get your team trained on the features and the new workflows they would need to streamline the business.


Expand & elevate the transformation

Gear up your business to expand with more outlets and volume of operations. Bring up the enterprise features required for your business growth and stay ahead of technology. 

Affordable pricing plans

Choose your plan and change it at any time. All plans include a 30-day trial.




Perfect for your startup business.

Free trial available for 30 days

What's Included:

  • Up to 2000 products inventory

  • 1 Warehouse

  • 50 users

  • All basic features

  • Tier 1 cloud infrastructure

Growth (Popular)



Leverage the AI features to accelerate your growth.

Free trial available for 30 days

What's Included:

  • Up to 10,000 products inventory

  • Up to 3 warehouses

  • 50 users

  • All basic features + few AI features

  • Performance Tier 2 or 3 cloud infrastructure


Contact us

Advanced features for your enterprise business.

Free trial available for 30 days

What's Included:

  • Up to 25,000 products inventory

  • 5+ warehouses

  • 100+ users

  • Advanced + AI features

  • Performance Tier 3 cloud infrastructure

Accelerate digital transformation for your retail success

Social and environmental impacts of Invypro next gen retail solutions.


Improved efficiency and reduced waste

Technologies like automation, robotics, and data analytics optimize logistics, transportation, and warehousing, leading to less resource consumption (fuel, packaging) and lower emissions.


Empowering local communities

Affordable access to the technology for SME businesses and local communities to stay competitive and serve consumer demands.


Improved working conditions

Technology automation can handle stressful or repetitive tasks with accuracy to improve worker ergonomics in warehouses and distribution centers.


Enhanced transparency and traceability

Blockchain and sensor technology provide real-time tracking of goods, ensuring ethical sourcing and reduced risk of counterfeit products.


Reducing carbon footprint

Optimized demand forecasting and logistics transportation contribute to a  reduced carbon footprint throughout the product lifecycle.


Productivity Boost Contributing to Nation Manpower Resource

Overall productivity gains driven by technology can translate into increased national economic output, creating more jobs and opportunities across various sectors.

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